Internet marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales.
Internet marketing is a pretty broad term that encompasses a range of marketing tactics and strategies – including content, email, search, paid media, social media and more. (source)

Internet marketing is an inexpensive way to reach your target market, regardless of the size of your business.
But over the years, we have gathered profound knowlege of the best platforms and programs(e.g facebook ads, adsense, adwords...) and we are using these knowlege to our advantage which helps us reach targeted audience at an incredibly cheaper cost.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is a combination of activities that help search engines find and trust your website, organize the information you’re publishing, and present it to users searching for it
Far beyond what was possible with traditional marketing strategies. A byproduct of increased visibility online is increasing the reach of your marketing efforts. Moreover, SEO will target a wider audience that is actively seeking your products or services, therefore, are more likely to be converted into genuine sales or leads. With SEO, a small independent retailer can trade at a national, or international level for a modest outlay – all from the comfort of their bedroom